STERILINE Fogger (air disinfection)

STERILINE Fogger (air disinfection)


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Sterilini fog-plus air disinfection Atomizer Humidifier medical, dental clinic and home sterilizer disinfection equipment




  • Touch panel and Remote control
  • LCD Display temperature and Humidity
  • Humidity and time setup
  • still working in sleeping mode
  • 13L large capacity ultrasonic humidifier
  • 1L/H large mist output suit any environment
  • Mist output can be adjustable and 360° move
  • Ultrasonic high frequency oscillation atomize the water into mist quickly
  • Whisper-quiet cool mist operation and mist output can be adjustment
  • Auto cut out when waterless




Technical Info:-

  • Type : steriline fog plus (Disinfection Atomizer)
  • Effective Range : 40-50 M3
  • Mist Amount : <1800ml/h
  • Voltage : 220v/50Hz
  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • Capacity : 13L
  • Noise : <58db
  • Scope of application : 80-120m2
  • weight : 5kg
  • Packing Dimension : 30x39x60cm


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