Personal Protection Equipment Kit (PPE KIT – MINI)

Personal Protection Equipment Kit (PPE KIT – MINI)

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) are protective gear designed to safeguard the health of workers by minimizing the exposure to a biological agent. As the COVID-19 crisis has caused disorder in normalcy, efficient social distancing practices combined with strict usage of necessary PPE are of paramount importance in order to “flatten the curve” & greatly reduce the risk of transmission. The “Advanced PPE Kit 90 GSM – Spun bond Laminated” is a advanced quality PPE Kit consisting of all the essential components. Please refer below to get a better understanding of the individual components:

Coverall: 1 Unit
Face Shield: 1 Unit Complete protection of the head with face protector to ensure better visibility.
Shoe Covers: 1 Pair Made of Fabric

The “Advanced PPE Kit 90 GSM ” is certified by the “SITRA”


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